Press Release – Public Safety Pledges

Public safety in Penticton is the biggest concern for our citizens. Every community member deserves to feel safe to walk the streets and access our city. They also deserve to have access to the resources they need, housing, and our public services which ensure their safety and security. That is why I am pledging to work with my fellow elected councillors passed which will ensure that:

  1. The City of Penticton’s Social Development Department is adequately funded in order to ensure that they can provide support to local nonprofits and organizations that are working on the ground in Penticton already. By supporting these groups, our community is made safer as the services they provide are critical to the well-being of our most vulnerable.
  2. The City of Penticton Fire Department is adequately funded to meet national standards each year. We should be striving to exceed them, if possible. I would like for our fire department to be in a position where they can have a full 10 person crew with specialized firefighters who have received advanced medical training. Our firefighters protect us, and we all deserve a council that recognizes that.
  3. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police is funded to support their pursuit to complete through investigations. Penticton has seen organized crime seep into its boundaries and it needs to be stopped. The police have a role to play in making Penticton a safer city and we can support them in multiple ways. Continuing lobbying for an expansion of the Car 40 program in which mental health professionals attend wellness checks with RCMP officers is one example.
  4. The City of Penticton is using all available resources to build more homes for those that are of lower socio-economic status. Our city has adequate land that can be utilized for the purposes of this in various areas of the City which are appropriate. By capitalizing on these and working in conjunction with organizations providing low-income housing services, we can ensure that all our citizens have a place to call their own. Communities where everyone has a sense of personal security are safe communities.

Isaac Gilbert for Council 2022